Expanded National Irrigation Programme

Background Information

In line with the Boards Vision: “water to every irrigable acre” and with the success of the Economic Stimulus Programme, the Government initiated the Expanded National Irrigation Programme in 2011. The initiative which targets 572 irrigation projects, involves provision of irrigation infrastructure for abstraction, conveyance, distribution and application of irrigation water for the various irrigation projects. For sustainability and reliability of irrigation water, NIB has also embarked on providing water storage for irrigation, provision of water storage reservoirs and installation of greenhouses.

With a total of 510,000 acres under irrigation with the aim of increasing the area under irrigation as per the Irrigation Act CAP 347 of the Kenyan Laws.

Current Status
  1. The project since inception has seen the development of 160 irrigation projects completed translating to 127,415 acres under irrigation.
  2. The program is currently developing 24 more irrigation projects.
  3. Rehabilitation and expansion of public schemes is ongoing.
  4. The program has also seen the construction of 47 water pans (volume 2,600,000 m3).
  5. The project has seen the distribution of 7147 greenhouses.
  6. Feasibility studies and detailed designs for 38 projects covering 430,000 acres is currently ongoing. This includes completed feasibility studies and detailed designs for 11 water storage reservoirs with a cumulative total storage of 1.3 billion m3.

Ongoing activities

The procurement of contractors to complete 6 stalled projects is almost complete and contractors expected to commence works by March 2019 – to put additional 6,000 acres under irrigation in addition the procurement of contract to Rehabilitate 6 projects ongoing to put additional 3,000 acres under irrigation .

Benefits of the Project

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